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FMX Team


FMX Team is an adrenaline-pumping motocross game where players can perform stunts, flips, and tricks while racing against the clock. Choose from a team of skilled riders and compete in various tracks around the world. The game features stunning graphics, realistic physics, and challenging gameplay that will keep players engaged for hours.

Game Controls

  • Use the arrow keys to control your rider’s movement.
  • Press the space bar to jump.
  • Combine arrow keys with Z, X, C keys to perform various stunts.

How to Play

The objective of FMX Team is to complete each level by performing jaw-dropping stunts and reaching the finish line within the given time limit. As you progress, the levels become more challenging, requiring a perfect blend of speed, skill, and creativity.

Start by selecting your rider from the available team members, each with their own unique abilities and attributes. Once you’ve chosen your rider, immerse yourself in the thrilling world of motocross. Navigate the treacherous tracks, performing flips, stunts, and tricks to score points and impress the judges.

Avoid crashing or falling off your bike as it will cost you valuable time. Keep an eye on the clock and try to reach the finish line before time runs out. The more daring and flawless your stunts, the higher your score will be.

Tips and Tricks

  • Master the controls: Practice controlling your rider’s movement and learn how to perform different stunts effectively. It’s crucial to have precise control over your bike to achieve the best results.
  • Time your jumps: Timing is everything in FMX Team. Make sure to time your jumps perfectly to perform complex tricks and land safely. A mistimed jump can lead to a crash and wasted precious seconds.
  • Plan your route: Study the track layout and plan your route in advance. Look for ramps, jumps, and obstacles that can help you maximize your score. A well-planned route can make a huge difference in your overall performance.
  • Upgrade your bike: As you progress in the game, earn coins and unlock upgrades for your bike. Upgrades such as improved speed, better suspension, and enhanced handling can greatly improve your chances of success.

Game Developer

FMX Team is developed by IriySoft, a renowned game development studio known for their expertise in creating exciting and addictive online games. With their attention to detail and passion for gaming, IriySoft has created a motocross game that captures the thrill and excitement of real-life stunts.

Game Platforms

FMX Team is available to be played on the following platforms:

  • Web browsers (desktop and mobile)
  • iOS devices
  • Android devices

How to Play Unblocked

To play FMX Team unblocked, visit our website and search for “FMX Team” in our game library. Our website provides free access to a wide range of unblocked games, including FMX Team. Enjoy the game without any restrictions and experience the thrill of motocross stunts right away.